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Tri-City Aikido



Aikido is a Japanese martial art developed by Morihei Ueshiba (often referred to by his title 'O Sensei' or 'Great Teacher'). On a purely physical level it is an art involving some throws and joint locks that are derived from Jujitsu and some throws and other techniques derived from Kenjutsu.


Aikido uses the attacker's motion against the attacker by unbalancing him and then either throwing the person or applying an immobilizing arm lock. Aikido movements are circular in nature; an attack is never blocked but rather redirected. Aikido has the potential to be both gentle or deadly, depending on how the techniques are applied. Since brute strength is not required, Aikido can be practiced by men and women of any age or body type.


O Sensei emphasized the moral and spiritual aspects of this art, placing great weight on the development of harmony and peace. "The Way of Harmony of the Spirit" is one way that "Aikido" may be translated into English. This is still true of Aikido today, although different styles emphasize the more spiritual aspects to greater or lesser degrees. Although the idea of a martial discipline striving for peace and harmony may seem paradoxical, it is the most basic tenet of the art.


Tri-City Aikido is located in Bridge Creek, OK, and offers aikido classes for children, teens and adults. Call (405) 387-2994 for more information.



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